2017 Jaroslav OlsaJaroslav Olša, jr. (b. 1964) graduated in Asian and African Studies from Charles University, Prague and has worked as an editor, journalist and freelance translator. Since childhood he was an avid reader of science fiction, started translating from Polish, English and Russin in the 1980s, and he established fanzine Ikarie XB in 1986, which evolved into the first Czech SF monthly named Ikarie in 1990, which is still published as XB-1. Edited a dozen SF anthologies and – together with Ondřej Neff – published the first and only Czech-language Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Literature (1995). Since he joined the diplomatic service quarter a century ago, his SF activities were limited, though he has edited and published anthologies of Czech SF in India, Zimbabwe and South Korea. While in diplomatic service he dealt with Sub-Saharan Africa and served as his country´s Ambassador to Zimbabwe (2000-06). He has published on African history, literature and art, a. o. edited anthology of contemporary Zimbabwean writing (2003), co-wrote (with Otakar Hulec) History of Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi (2008, in Czech language). He has also published four titles on modern African art – of which one was published in English as Modern Art of Zimbabwe (2010). He is primarily interested in the history of Czech interactions with Asia and Africa and has writted and edited books also on Czech-Korean ties: 1901 Photographs of Seoul by Enrique Stanko Vráz and other early Czech travellers´ views of Korea (2011), The Korean Peninsula after the Armistice as seen by Chechoslovak delegates to the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission 1953-1956 (2013), or Han Hung-su – Father of Czechoslovak Korean Studies. Korean Historian in Central Europe of the 1930 and 1940s (with Miriam Lowensteinová, 2013 – in Czech language). After serving as Czech Ambassador to South Korea (2008-14), he is currently his country´s Ambassador to the Philippines.