2017 robert vokalRobert Vokal is a project manager in banking sector, adrenaline sportsman and future astronaut. He is also CEO and founder of project Spaceman Championship, which is building a worldwide adventure space race to train mental and physical skills of everyone dreaming of becoming an astronaut. In 2013, he was selected in Unilever Axe Apollo competition as one of 23 winners to receive suborbital space flight ticket to fly with XCOR Aerospace onboard Lynx spacecraft. Passing through various challenges and training missions, this inspired him to create a standalone race to motivate people, unite the universe and bring the "overview" effect to everyone.

Robert started collecting crazy hobbies in college. He was always interested in flight and air sports, but could not afford to become a professional pilot, so decided to try cheaper skydiving and paragliding. Once he conqured air, he realized that overcoming fear of new challenges is addictive and continued with scubadiving training, shark diving, action jumping of various objects, and further exploring options how to get out of his comfort zone. This love of flight started with playing space and flight simulators, reading and watching sci-fi books and movies. After winning the space flight he was helping Slovak Organization for Space Activities with several projects and events. Recently, Robert is planning a Space Walk in Bratislava to showcast how big our solar system is and to educate interested public in how small we really are - so we will cooperate and expand as one global entity and not look for differences and fights. Literature and sci-fi connects people across the world and so he is looking forward to read interesting stories that might change the future of human kind.